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Fire Extinguishers should be checked at least one’s a month to make sure is in the position or state that does not need to be recharged. It is required that the fire extinguishers are recharge every six years. Some fire extinguishers are nonrefillable. Make sure that when you buy your fire extinguishers that they are rechargeable. Arturo Garcia LLC., carries all types, makes, models and size of fire extinguishers for your purchase. Buy your rechargeable fire extinguisher at Arturo Garcia LLC, and they also are certified (tagged), ready for your fire inspections. We have ABC, K – Class fire extinguisher for your kitchen or restaurant. Also CO2 (carbon dioxide), Purple K, Halotron, BC powder and many more types and model to list here. Fire extinguishers have a rating and a class to be used for different purpose or fires. Make sure you buy the proper fire extinguisher for your business, warehouse, boats, and aircraft. Arturo Garcia LLC now at (754) 207-5648 to recharge or buy your fire extinguishers.

Protection from Multiple Classes of Fires
Is an ABC fire extinguisher right for your Dade - Broward County, Florida area office space or building? ABC fire extinguishers can be safely used on fires involving flammable solids, liquids, and gases as well as those involving electrical equipment.
Class A Fire Extinguishers
ABC multi-purpose fire extinguishers put out Class A (ordinary combustibles) fires by insulating them. The chemical melts at approximately 350 F and coats the surface to which it is applied.
Class B Fire Extinguishers
ABC multi-purpose fire extinguishers put out Class B (flammable liquid) fires by smothering them and breaking up the chain reaction involved in the fire.
Class C Fire Extinguishers
ABC multi-purpose fire extinguishers are electrically non-conductive, making them safe for Class C (electrical) fires.
Using your ABC Fire Extinguisher
While they are recommended for most office fire hazards, the dry powder of ABC fire extinguishers is corrosive, so you should be careful and clean it thoroughly after you use it. It should not be your first choice of extinguishers for sensitive electrical equipment (a carbon dioxide extinguisher will work better here). Once the affected area has been declared safe by the fire department, it is crucial to clean the area where the fire broke out.
Still, ABC fire extinguishers are the most common types of fire extinguishers, suitable for most standard environments, including but not limited to:
• Homes
• Office buildings
• Retail stores
• Hotels
• Schools
• And more
For more information about the types of fire extinguishers you need in your building or to purchase ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers in Dade - Broward County or Florida, call Arturo Garcia LLC today! Our licensed and experienced fire protection technicians can ensure that your office space is up to not only local codes for fire extinguishers, but all standards for fire protection and suppression systems.